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iHealthy is derived from a natural product called Deer Antler Velvet ,which is specially formulated for general health and wellness. Deer Antler velvet has played a very important role in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years and has been used to treat a wide variety of ailments for both prevention and as a cure. 


The compound is also extremely rich in minerals and nutrients.  It has developed a reputation for anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and immune-building qualities which have been powerful enough to both prevent and cure certain types of cancer.  Since it is also believed to be able to improve both mental and physical prowess, provide higher levels of energy, strength, endurance and alertness, Deer Antler Velvet has also become very popular with athletes, sports enthusiasts and fitness buffs.


Deer antler velvet is known as the wonder compound because it contains all the essential nutrients and minerals necessary for good health.  The product is named for the velvety skin which grows on the developing antlers of deer and other animals.  However it is actually derived from the entire cartilaginous antler which is taken from the animal before it completely calcifies into hard bone.  Since deer antlers regenerate annually, the harvesting is done about half way to two thirds into the full growth period.  These young antlers have been found to contain all the essential nutrients and minerals required to keep a body healthy.  These include essential amino acids along with enzymes, phospholipids, prostaglandin and a variety of trace minerals like copper, zinc, manganese, selenium, potassium, sulfur, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron. 

In addition deer antler velvet contains the human growth hormones IGF-1 and -2 which is what makes it so highly prized by athletes.


And as indicated earlier, the compound has been used for over 2000 years in Chinese medicine to treat fever, seasonal allergies, inflammation, sleeplessness, lack of libido, and even baldness.  Today deer antler velvet can be very effective as a complete wellness aid which can help to bring back one’s youth.


A number of carefully studied reviews indicate that deer antler velvet can bring about a more restful sleep; higher energy levels; more youthful appearance due to improved skin tone as well as thicker and shinier hair; less susceptibility to illness; a general sense of well-being; and renewed vitality to those who take the supplement regularly.

And specifically athletes who use deer antler velvet regularly claim to experience improved performance as well as enhanced mental clarity, quicker wound healing and speedier recovery from injury.


The active ingredients in deer antler velvet can combat a variety of illnesses and ailments as well as promote an improved sense of well-being.  The product can even help to reduce the symptoms of arthritis with its anti-inflammatory properties.  In addition, deer antler velvet has been shown to significantly increase the strength and efficiency of cardiac functions, balance and support the immune system, support glucose metabolism in order to improve insulin receptor sensitivity and reverse nerve damage.

And if all this isn’t enough, the growth hormone factor in deer antler velvet called IGF-1 has been shown to support weight management very effectively.  IGF-1 does this by supercharging the metabolism while preserving lean muscle tissue to promote a healthy and sustainable weight loss program.


Given all the marketing claims out there, one should think that deer antler velvet is nothing short of a wellness miracle that can promote good health, prevent disease and cure a variety of illnesses which can range from the annoying to the life threatening.  Many of these claims remain anecdotal and require substantive research.  However there has also been enough clinical research to substantiate many of the health benefits of this product. 

And to help our loyal customers to achieve the best results possible, we have formulated the concentrated and pure deer antler velvet into a convenient spray rather than a pill or powder.  This maximizes the absorption and ultimate benefit of the product.  So take advantage of all the benefits which this ancient and revered compound can bring by using iHealthy today.

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