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Raspberry Ketones are a naturally occurring and organic substance which creates the aroma in raspberries. It is created within the raspberry itself and has often been referred to as a food ingredient or even a type of fragrance. But some exciting new discoveries have shown that raspberry ketones can also be very beneficial in terms of weight loss. Let’s learn more about this product and some of its important benefits.


Raspberry ketones play an important role in helping to improve the normal metabolic processes in the body by increasing the body’s main temperature and improving its fat loss abilities. It has also been shown to help the body to minimize the amount of fat it absorbs naturally.


Raspberry ketones can also help to control and regulate the urges for food we often experience. And it can help the body to break down fat naturally as a source of energy.


Very simply put, when utilized as a key component in weight loss supplements it helps people to achieve their weight loss goals faster and more effectively.


It’s important to remember however that Raspberry Ketones are not designed to replace exercising and a healthy and nutritional diet plan. Its primary benefit is to enhance the benefits achieved by eating right and staying active.


And not only does this product help you to lose weight, it’s got many other important benefits. For example it can help the body to fight off harmful toxins which threaten every day. And since it’s a totally natural product you can take it every day with no concern. Nevertheless if you are pregnant or nursing it is still suggested that you check with your doctor before trying this product or any other natural supplements for that matter. This applies to children below the age of 18 or those individuals with medical problems.


This product from Wild Miracle contains some of the most powerful and beneficial natural weight loss ingredients including Raspberry Ketones, African Mango, Acai Berries and Resveratrol. It’s also got the ISO 2000:9001 seal of approval which means the product is produced with high manufacturing standards and ingredients. It’s much more expensive to do it this way but it’s the only way we support.


The documented advantages which Raspberry Ketones offer as a fat reducing natural supplement has received a great deal of attention on TV and Radio. And while much attention has been focused on its ability to help people to lose weight, it should be noted that a recent study suggests that raspberry ketones can offer additional benefits in helping to increase the flexibility and elasticity of the skin and help to manage and minimize hair loss.


Some Common Questions about Raspberry Ketones

  1. What exactly are raspberry ketones? Raspberry ketones are the naturally occurring ingredient which gives raspberries their aroma (that fresh sweet smell). According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, raspberry ketones are a safe and effective fat-loss supplement with no detrimental side effects.

  2. How do Raspberry Ketones work to help you lose weight? These compounds have the ability to regulate adiponectin which is a hormone that helps your body to boost its metabolism. When it does so, it causes the fat in your body to get broken up more effectively which in turn helps you to burn this fat faster and more efficiently.

  3. Why not just eat a bunch of raspberries if you want to achieve the same benefits of raspberry ketones? Well according to the popular TV doctor and health expert Dr. Mehmet Oz, you would need to consume 90 pounds of fresh raspberries to get the same benefit from just 100 mg of the raspberry ketone supplement taken daily. That is more than enough to get your body to burn fat the way it should.


Why did Wild Miracle create Raspberry Ketone I Skinny?


The evidence is mounting through careful scientific investigation that raspberry ketones have the ability to regulate the fat-moderating hormone adiponectin. When managed correctly, this hormone gets your body to act like it is thin. Our Raspberry Ketone supplements are specially designed and formulated not only to promote healthy fat oxidation or burning but to help sugars and fats to pass through your system without being absorbed and stored the way they might otherwise. This doesn’t mean that you can eat anything you want and still lose weight. But if you follow a healthy diet and keep physically active, the addition of Raspberry Ketones have been shown to help increase your normal body metabolism so that you can lose weight faster and more effectively.


Raspberry Ketones in the media


The prominent and popular medical and health TV personality Dr. Oz featured raspberry ketones in his February 2012 episode entitled “The #1 Miracle in a Bottle to Burn Your Fat”. He invited weight loss expert Lisa Lynn to be a guest on this show to discuss how her clients have lost weight through the use of this natural and effective compound.


Dr. Oz stressed that it is not a magic pill. You still have to eat right and exercise regularly to achieve the best results. But it does seem to help many people who previously just couldn’t seem to get the weight off no matter how hard they tried.


During this episode, Lisa Lynn showed before and after pictures of people she had helped to lose weight using Raspberry Ketones. She remarked how amazing it was that these people had achieved such remarkable results even though they were not young.


Dr. Oz also featured a dramatic presentation which showed how fat cells can shrink and release excess stored fat through the addition of raspberry ketones.


The popularity and demand for this product was clearly exemplified when shortly after this segment ran, a Charlotte, NC health food store ran out of Raspberry Ketones and had to place many customers on backorder because many people including soccer Moms, fitness buffs and regular people swarmed into the store shortly to get their own supply of Raspberry Ketones (Fox Charlotte, February 8, 2012).


So take advantage of the many benefits offered by Raspberry Ketones. Boost your metabolism and lose the weight that just doesn’t seem to come off otherwise by ordering and using Wild Miracles Raspberry Ketone "I Skinny". It is safe and natural. And it uses the highest quality ingredients carefully manufactured to very stringent standards. You won’t be disappointed.

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