I began using the Wild Miracle’s I-Healthy product after I injured my foot. After the injury, surgery, physical therapy, and a lot of ibuprofen and pain medicine my foot continued to be swollen and painful. I began taking Wild Miracles Deer Antler Velvet about 9 months ago. The results have been amazing. My foot has significantly improved. The swelling has diminished and the pain has drastically decreased, in addition I get the added benefit of feeling more energetic and active from Wild Miracle’s deer antler spray.

Dave Strickland   Perrysburg, OH


Hi my name is Joe and my girlfriend gave me a bottle of Wild Miracle Deer Antler Velvet about 3 months ago and I started taking it and, within 2 weeks, I started to feel energized and refreshed at all hours of the day. Recently I have noticed an increase of muscle mass, higher energy levels, and a decrease in my body fat. This product is life changing and I never felt better. Wild Miracle is truly a miracle in a bottle and I recommend their product to anyone. Thanks again Wild Miracle!

Joseph Esposito       Raritan, NJ


Love this product! I’m a 65 yr. old grandmother of 5 grandchildren and I suffer with arthritis. It’s was extremely hard to keep up with the grandkids until my daughter introduced me to Wild Miracle Deer Antler. I am a skeptic with taking anything I believe in natural products and have tried many in the past for my arthritis, but this definitely takes the cake I haven’t felt this good in years. You guys are great. Thanks again.

Pamela D’ Angio  Sugarland, TX


Wild Miracle’s product has helped my body’s ability to deal with my chronic fatigue physically and mentally. I use their Deer Antler Velvet on a daily bases first thing in the morning and before bed. I notice that I sleep through the night now and feel well rested in the morning. It also has been helping with the everyday stress that I’m sure most of us all endure. Thanks.

Michele Brown     Chicago, IL


I have been an athlete all my life. In all my years of training and exercising, I have never seen anything like the benefits that results in the use of Deer Antler Velvet that Wild Miracle has produced. This product is amazing its helps with strength, cardiovascular, and fast recovery. As long as the athlete is taking this product on a daily basis, they will definitely see constant improvement. I would recommend this natural supplement to all athletes!

Ray Killough         Leigh Valley, PA


This product is Wonderful!! I have tried a couple of other Deer Antler Velvet products and I was very disappointed until I came across Wild Miracle’s I-Max Deer Antler Velvet Spray. Your Product actually does work I felt a difference in my body in about a week or so. I've noticed I recover quicker and I've put on some extra muscle on my upper body as well as an increase of stamina. I would tell people to be careful with the other so called “deer antler velvet” products out there. The other companies put chemicals and other un-natural substances in their products. I did a lot of research on this product and this one definitely does the job. Wild Miracles has a great product!

Tom Jacobs San Diego, CA

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