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If you haven’t already heard of new product called IActive, you probably will in the near future.  It is a wonderful product which is formulated from 100% pure  Deer Antler Velvet.  This is a naturally derived product which has been used as a medicine very successfully for thousands of years.  But it has been updated to bring particular focus and benefit to active and athletes.  So we’ll discuss further why you should use IActive.


As indicated earlier, IActive is comprised primarily of Deer Antler Velvet. The product has been used by a number of cultures for hundreds or even thousands of years and is highly prized as a health improvement supplement.  It can achieve so many wonderful results for its users.

This supplement has a number of important components which can provide significant benefit to active people and athletes in particular.  So what does it do?


Athletes and others who are physically active need essential nutrients to help them progress in their training and enable their bodies to recover faster.  There are many supplements on the market which can help people to get in shape when they are working out at the local gym or training for a big event.  Speed and performance enhancement are important results from effective nutritional supplements and Deer Antler Spray offers just what world class athletes and active people need the most.  Very importantly the benefits which this product offers come from a completely natural and carefully processed formulation which is free of additives and chemicals.


Many people who go the gym to exercise are looking to build muscle and improve their physical fitness.  It should therefore be understood that agility and muscle tone can be greatly enhanced when applied with the intake of proper nutrients.  By its very nature, exercise can cause damage to muscle tissue which is why recovery is such a vital step in rebuilding this muscle and developing a stronger and more agile body.  Lengthy workouts can also cause soreness in muscles but the unique formula in the Deer Antler Extract helps to speed the recovery process and improve overall results.


Recovery is necessary since exercise breaks down the muscles and it needs time to repair and rebuild these muscles.  The components in Deer Antler Velvet extract have been shown to help to speed the recovery process and get people back into the gym to continue with their training and fitness enhancement program that much faster and more effectively.  These components help the muscles to regenerate faster and correct imbalances in the body which can occur after exercise.


Deer antlers are known to grow and regenerate very quickly.  The tissues within the deer antler velvet have the same effect in humans.  These tissues which are able to grow and regenerate so quickly are harvested and used to make a proprietary supplement formula.   Other companies make products which claim the same benefits.  But they may have unwanted chemicals or additives.  Ours are completely natural.  And we formulate the pure extract into a spray to maximize absorption and effectiveness and used by athletes and active people to promote quick recovery and enhanced muscle tone.


The spray has a number of other important benefits including helping to speed recovery from injuries and reducing muscle strain.  Because it is a spray, the product can be targeted for use on just the damaged tissue only.  Its effectiveness is amazing and its ability to cut down on recovery time is most impressive.  This unique spray has also been shown to improve sleep, improve overall body tone and stimulate the production of hormones which help motor neurons.


This amazing supplement should only be taken by adults and should be used as directed.  Each serving of the supplement contains deer antler velvet extract, Niacin, L-Arginine, Tribulus, and more to maximize results.  The deer antler velvet is a recovery formula which also helps to promote healthy joints, improve blood sugar balance, fight wrinkles and aging, and help to enhance weight loss results.


Women who are pregnant or nursing should consult with their physician before starting on any exercise supplement.  Deer Antler Velvet spray sets a new standard of excellence for recovery supplements with its uniquely powerful formula and ingredients.


Deer Antler Velvet is effective at increasing athletic performance, strength and aerobic capacity that the members of the National Football League and Major League Baseball are using it and seeing impressive improvements in athletic performance.  These results don’t surprise those people who have been using the active ingredients in this product for decades.


And people who understand athletic training regimens, know that the main components in deer antler velvet are the same ones which professional athletes have used for more than half a century.  This includes the amino acids glycine, alanine, proline, and glutamic acid.  Glycine has been a well proven and popular supplement since 1940 and many athletes have used it as an ergogenic (sports enhancing) aid since 1941 when it was shown to actually enhance hormone levels. 


Athletes and those committed to a disciplined fitness regimen can really benefit from Deer Antler Velvet.  It helps them to recover faster from injuries sustained on the field as well as injuries experienced during intense workouts.  And since deer antler velvet is high in calcium and phosphates, it promotes fast healing of bones, muscles and tissue.  Make sure to keep a regular supply of Deer Antler Velvet available for use and you will find that it enhances overall physical performance both on and off the fields.

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